Almost 50 years of tradition and experience in the packaging industry: this eloquent business card n / s company. Established in 1948, with the passing of the years we have gained more and more 'prestige by ensuring a broad market range.Eredi Caimi has been able to keep up with the times and the changing needs of society 'technology.Try it and 'the fact that the company  has passed from its intended mainly to the textile industry local to cardboard, polystyrene and various packaging solutions more 'vast and universal use.

But it 's not. In the last decade the company has expanded its range with a wide range of technical and professional articles production and complement.

With the investment of new forces and young people and a legacy of experience behind the company looks to the future with confidence and a will 'iron of constant renewal.

Nowadays the company and 'a harmonious blend of consulting, implementation and study of packaging for any product sector. The winning card and 'that of a diversified and complementary production at the same time to the kinds of products dedicated to the packaging together with a highly elastic and timely distribution service.

If all this 'is added the high quality' of the articles and their certificate check with competitive prices in Europe, they readily understand the reasons behind the growing business success.

The recipe that has put the company at the top in the industry and ', among others, due to what we might call sale "assisted."

In practice, the role of Heirs Caimi not s'esaurisce in the sale of a product, but ensures the customer a series of essential services: timeliness' deliveries, technical updating realativo to any packaging problem consulting shipment management and of optimization of the warehouse. These sectors prevailing in which the company operates in the production and distribution level:

Packaging corrugated: cardboard boxes any fefco code, American, headphones for pallet, punched, in triple wave approved for export, bancalate, marmot, Telescopic, Octagonal, with internal blanks or agglomeration in shockproof.

Palletizing systems: integrated into the bottom of the box, in wood, pressed sovraponibili, cardboard, plastic, foam folding, phenolic.

Packaging in polystirene and polypropylene: hot wire and pantographed, injection molded, in anti-shock padding, printed on the foil.

Winding: and protection: packagings with air bubbles, in expanded polifrene, coupled, corrugated paper, paper for padding, carte catramate, crespate, paraffinate, anticorrosive, parcel from, tubular net plastic.

Padding: and protection: spagnolette, chips also ecological, wool, shavings of cellophane, filling systems, bags for air, slabs in foam and agglomerate polistrolo, plates and shaped corners in cardboard, foam and stratocel, envelopes air bubbles, polythene, foam, containers isothermal standard, for bottles and for specific sectors.

Protection: cardboard tubes, angular elements made of solid-fiber cardboard, papers and cardboards various, polythene sheet, tubular, single-fold heat-shrink film, different and special.

Fixing and strapping tape: neutral adhesives and customized paper, double-sided tapes, reinforced, transparent, twines, seals,Trolleys, various accessories.