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The introduction of new regulations related to the packaging sector sees the corrugated cardboard as a material favored with respect to other products we processed.
Unlike the foamed materials or plastic derivatives the cardboard, beyond that recyclable, 100% biodegradable, it destroys in substance alone does not produce noxious fumes, if incinerated.
It is normally constituted by two paper surfaces said covers that enclose the paper curl that confers stability and resistance to the whole.
The adhesives are now all natural derived from starch from corn or potato starch.
The types are now endless briefly but we can distinguish one corrugation only high or low (simple cardboard), two undulations combined high/low (triple cardboard) and a set of three undulations (cardboard triple wave) for specific uses high resistance.
Transformed in the finished packaging corrugated cardboard (or the taut) becomes a robust enclosure, versatile, ideal for group, carry and protect.

Since the height of the wave can vary from 1.5mm to 5mm, you can have different combinations that lead to the final thickness of the cardboard from 1.5 to 15mm.

In addition to the thickness becomes crucial to determine a lesser or greater resistance to the quality of the cards used and their weight.
We can transform more than 150 different qualities in function of the specific requests.

There seems correct at least to give you a brief definition of acronyms that often the customer shortly comprises:
for covers:
K= kraftliner, paper with high mechanical characteristics produced with chemical pulp of conifer with presence of hardwood until 20%;
L=liner paper with good mechanical characteristics produced in one or more layers with fibrous;
T=test, paper with good mechanical characteristics similar to the previous one;
C=chamois, exclusively produced with pasta of recovery with little resistance;
for the waves:
S=semichemical paper, with high characteristics with at least 65% hardwood;
M=medium, good characteristics produced with pasta by recovery and semichemical;
F=fluting paper, with discrete characteristics produced with only pulp recovery.
The n/s technical service remains at v/s disposal for any clarification or technical sheet.

How to find your way around

each product requires a special packaging and dedicated. We need to strike a fair balance between the material used, the protection to confer to the product and the cost in relation to the added value of the shipment.
It is first necessary to determine the number of items contained in each box, the weight of the contents, the arrangement of the product inside, if the product is having on the stacking, the characteristics at the outbreak side, the graphics and the colors of the print.
Having made these preliminary comments s the identifies the type of carton to be used in relation to the type of handling alleged, to the stacking of the warehouse, to the time of permanence of the stacking, at a distance of shipping and to hygrometric variations.
To know all these elements and realize the packaging ad hoc is essential to a living collaboration between the user and the n/s technical office.
The n/s experience has led us to structure a form of quote that will allow us to propose a package well defined for: Paper Type/Curl/layout/transport needs/optimizing palletizing.

The experience and the know-how reached allow us for years to provide the customer with a service always more appreciated that manifests itself in these simple points:
Reduce costs by virtue of the optimization of the standards by focusing on a container sized and calibrated for the strategy of stacking, storage, transport and reduction of possible breakages.

Quality of materials due to the careful choice of the selected paper mills and the n/s quality system in the production process linked to ISO 9002 and other specific rules universally recognized.
Reliability in the times of evasion, organizational flexibility and resolutive.
Design and possibility of samplings proactive always free and punctual.
Respect for the environment and a wide range of alternatives (packing always in the foreground.
Possibility of plurifornitura thanks to n/s diverse range of production and the multitude of articles of complement treated by us.