The Choice


We remember you that any uppercased type could be personalized until two colors, it could be equipped from internal in cardboard, agglomerated polystyrene in and will be able to have a system of paletizzazione in wood, which pressed, cardboard, plastic or with shockproof inserts, tubes of hardening or angle irons of protection.

The PALLETIZED BOX Is an American box in whose inferior closings are applied of the muffs in cardboard dealt against the humidity. The box is mounted and for having it normally ready to the use enough to make to pass through the muffs of the listels in alveolar cardboard, or expanded polystyrene to high density or wood, to second of the capacity. The assembly operation practically coincides with the composition of the below pallet, so determining the fusion in an only body of the system and avoiding the successive application of reggetta or metallic points in order to return the bench to the box loyal. Besides to allow a reduction of the shipping costs thanks to the reduced tare and to the saving of time of packaging gives a guarantee of advanced resistance regarding the traditional systems of insufficient implantation as the pallet becomes part integrating of the box without possibility of tear of the reggetta or held of the metallic points. Such solution is used mostly in the cases in which there are problems legacies to digestion of the benches in wood or for alternative to benches not standard or internal handling generally. The same criterion can be adopted for cases with opened sky, or with stratums which surmounted or with it overturns fustellata in order to facilitate the insertion of the produced one. Being then delivered spread with the travotti to gears allow to reduce the warehouse spaces. In alternative we have solutions with fast grafts on the deep box that allow the integrated palettizzazione also with 4 ways. The AMERICAN BOX Is most classic of the boxes realized with the combacianti stratums of closing is under that over (FEFCO 0201). In some cases it is preferred partially with the stratums or totally overlapped guaranteeing a better protection of the content and a greater resistance of it I pack (FEFCO 0203). The box is nastrata, reggettata or graffata.

The AMERICAN BOX Such solution normally has the combacianti stratums to single closing on a side. (FEFCO 0200) This type of I pack comes mainly used to pointed hood (cap) on a pallet where the produced one needs of having a support to the base. To fine line the put produced one on the bench is covered by the pointed hood that is nastrato over and reggettato to the pallet. If the box is used with the advanced opening the necessary closing if is guaranteed by opened a automontante or slizzato fustellato cover that it will come secondarily sewn on the angles. (FEFCO 0312) In some cases can be left of the semifins of little centimeters that associated to the cover guarantee more high resistance to the stacking. An other alternative detail remains the belt with cover and eventual automontante bottom that allow an easy insertion of the produced one and an exposure to destiny of the final user.

OCTAGONAL REGULAR Such I pack is particularly apt in order to contain produced loose, polverulenti or granular. A belt sewn and from two fustellati covers is composed of that the operator mounts with extreme facility, without to employ other systems which royal palaces or tapes. We are able to indicate the more suitable cardboard composition to you established the specific weight of the produced one, the all up weight, the number of octabin that they are wanted to be collected into a pile in relation to the environmental conditions of parking and transport.

TELESCOPIC Regarding the precedence it has an ulterior belt of hardening that stocking with possibility of sliding in height. It is particularly apt where the contained producing type of stretches with the time to diminish of volume and to come down of level. Adapting to the compattamento of the material the saving on the type of cardboard and the advantage not to bind itself to the height they can be high.

IRREGULAR the standards are of base 120X80 cm and 120X100 cm allowing extreme optimization of the cargo. They are apt for loose transport of goods of medium dimension from the raccorderia to food. They allow the employment of universal shovels commonly used.

CONTAINERS TO WINDING Known also like wrap-around. Constituted from a belt in cordonata or fustellata cardboard with lateral heads in wood or cardboard. Apt for transport of profiles, metallic trees or tubes. The paletizzazione can happen by means of travotti in wood milled.

CARGOPACK System of storage and transport realized with bottom and cover in polypropylene and triple belt of cardboard wave to high resistance. The waterproofed and the debite belt ribbings of the closings in plastic return it decidedly pack durable and strongly pond towards the atmospheric agents. The variable dimensions of the heights wrap and the which variegated range of measures available returns such container a valid alternative to packs riutilizzabili classics in the time. As realization by now consolidated produces moreover: Boxes appendiabito beaver Boxes Boxes with inside in antistatico rustication also Boxes and alveoli in polionda Expository also with print lithographic, serigrafica or flexografica Insides in Internal honeycomb fustellati or milled from 14 to 22 milimeter with extensible film in suspension and alternative with expanded material Internal carrying to tube and angle irons in stiff cardboard (see site coo) Systems of handling and flatcars Possibility of print and limitless fustellatura