The Choice

The n/s production of pallets wood includes all types of pallets from the warehouse and handling. In addition to the standard types with Sizes UNI type reversible and irreversible, the n/s pallets can have the measures required by the customer, with continuous plans or plans fences and may be a two-way or four-way according to the specific needs of enclosing.
For the complete embodiments of the cap in the cardboard are structured pallets suitable with perimetric abutment and possibly skirting boards or internal millings for blocking the device or component packed.

As possible alternatives we manufacture or sell other Palletisation systems:

Pallets in cardboard triple wave or honeycomb coupled and reinforced with cardboard tubes

pallets in cardboard honeycomb structure with inserts always honeycomb

integrated pallets in cardboard with cardboard inserts, polystirene, wood (see website paletizzate boxes)

pallets in polypropylene integrated with cardboard band and cover (cargopack)

pallets in the foamed material coupled with a film surface covering
bench cardboard blank with insertion stalks cardboard blanks
hygienic pallets in polyethylene

Pallets stackable plastic recycled synthetic

stackable Pallets in pressed wood (inka pallets)