Main Features


The company operates in the sector paperboard, and is also specialized in the production of paperboard tubes and angular for industrial use.

Our reality has expanded steadily in recent years. The solidity of the company both from the point of view of the commercial-quality financial that is the fruit of an industrial model modern developed by a team particularly motivated and flexible.

The company, born  as a support to the textile industry, has evolved and developed within the framework of industrial packaging more technically qualified, so much so as to reach positions important for size and importance.

We are able to provide any pipe or angular according to the needs of the customer.
All products are controlled according to the strictest criteria to ensure the highest quality and the most efficient service in accordance with the teachings of the n/s quality policy.

Thus we can guarantee excellent performance for the winding and the protection of any material and the availability of suitable products to work with high loads.
The production focuses on types in line and spiral allowing longitudinal strength and flexibility of use inserted in n/s standard certified with ISO 9002.

The constant research of quality, the wide knowledge acquired in production technologies, the will and the capacity to meet the demands and needs of customers, are at the base of the affirmation of the n/s products.

Raw materials are carefully selected and if required we can customize with particular printing or with colored support any article.
The various items are differentiated by types of use and suitable for various needs of packaging offering quality characteristics that unite the total recyclability make it of the winning products for the future.

We are aware that the current market requires highly qualified and constant characteristics; we are therefore particularly sensitive to these needs and it is for this reason that every phase of the production is followed with extreme caution, starting from a careful selection of raw materials up to the stage of final equipment.
The constant maintenance of quality is monitored by the most sophisticated control devices which ensure compliance with procedures.

As much care is dedicated to the choice of the most suitable packaging to a single product.
Finally, thanks to the use of vehicles of various cubic volumes, we are able to ensure flexible deliveries and a check of the product to the warehouse of the customer.