The Choice


The production gamma is so diversified:

Pipes in line or parallel: turned particularly to the textile industry, but that in virtue of the working changes (finish, colour, piercing, adhesive support, and so on make it a product fit for the most disparate use.

Spiral pipes: turned to a wider and diversified market band. We are able to satisfy the technical and dimensional demands with each user, having a complete gamma of machinery that can be used in the most elastic and particular manners.

Angular in tightened cardboard: it can be neutral, printed, adesivizzato and cut-out silhouette advertisement when one was consenting I live on highly diversified utilisation and a complete recycling. The damages that are verified during the transport and the storage are a problem spread for producers and distributors.

The n/s solution eliminates this problem at least costs compared to other more expensive production materials. They are easy and light to handle, have rounded corners, are flexible and suitable to each type of package, are completely recyclable and ecologic. The principal application areas are the pallets of each type and measure, where they unwind an action cushion between the products giving stability and robustness to the cargo, and like props in case of superimposition of melted cargoes or interior box. The wide gamma of formats, thickness and geometry to L, to U and to V they return such a product of variegated use.
For any detail we pray You to contact ourselves via e-mail or to there turn to the commercial - technical personal n/s.