Main Features

There are now more than 30 years that the EREDI  CAIMI operates in the field of expanded polystyrene.
Today we have the widest range of technical solutions to meet the needs of all its customers. We are among the few to offer pantograph artifacts, shaped wire and glued until the production of particular in molded polystyrene foam, coupled to films, molded in polypropylene, molded by cold foil with alternatives in shockproof materials of a different design.

We are aware of the eternal dilemma regarding the choice between cardboard and polystyrene foam. Except that the carton can be accomplished almost everything we recall expanded for the following

  • it's clean
  • it's neutral and stable
  • it's not toxic
  • it doesnt' containt any chlorofluorocarbons 
  • it's producted without pollute
  • Preserves the forest allowing cellulose savings
  • It's fully recyclable: is ground and mixed with virgin polystyrene in construction or concrete to produce new packaging
  • It is resistant: it has a great ability to absorb energy and it's resistant to impact
  • It is lightweight: 98% is air that gives a low incidence in transport
  • È isolante: protegge dal caldo e dal freddo
  • it's insulated: protect by cold and heat
  • It is protective and hygienic: given the closed cells, it does not absorb humidity, is resistant to salt, acids and fats
  • It is processed to measure and ready to use: does not need assembly, is pre-formed to house the product with maximum protection in transport and storage.




In our production units are in operation different molding presses, most of which feature manipulators. Some of these productions allow totally innovative variable localized density and lamination with thermoformed film. We are also equipped for the production of polypropylene and antistatic. We recall also the production of chips for bulk packaging from coverage.


Our machines run a computerized cutting hot wire and any shape on two Cartesian axes. You can write  more than 30 alphanumeric characters and assembly by gluing hot special plans and molded with varying densities up to 40 kg / mc.


Our commitment has enabled us in recent years to produce numerous patents recognized in Europe. The presentation of prototypes has given us recognition from the national and international institutions as well have requests for cooperation from the universities and other manufacturers.


Al cliente viene fornito un servizio completo accurato e specifico: dalla progettazione, alla campionatura, alla costruzione dello stampo o delle dime, alla preserie d’accettazione, alla produzione con la consegna finale.
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