The Choice


Eredi Caimi operates in the the fields of packaging and printed technicians.
Fields of use are many and in continuous expansion.

We printed packaging for any accessory, angular protectors, packages for the sector of thermo-hydraulic, for the ceramics industry, for the food sector, for bottles to cantinetta, for the sector of electro-mechanical type, for domestic appliances, for pharmaceutical and cosmetics, for the fish market and ortoflorovivaistico, for the preservation of frozen foods, isothermal containers approved, boats for fabrics in alternative to cardboard tubes.
When the geometries allow it and when the needs do not require the execution of expensive molds we perform machining and shapings flush perqualsiasi sector: from window dressing to scenic environments,: crazy and shapes to protective packaging, filler in the form of shavings.

The expanded polypropylene is the product of more recent insertion. Its properties make it one of the most interesting products and lasting in the field of storage and of industrial packaging.
The material resists to the different stresses of mechanical, thermal and chemical.
The product adds to the excellent properties of polystirene as traditional as the low thermal conductivity, the poor absorption of water, the plasticity and formability, a much higher level of performance in terms of strength and elastic memory.
This essential characteristic translates into a high capacity to absorb impacts repeated repurchasing the initial shape for a very long time.
The intrinsic characteristics of the product such as:
balance between flexibility/softness and rigidity/stability
minimum degree of deformation
temperature resistance
Minimum water absorption
good resistance to chemicals, fats and oils
can be painted
good resistance in deposit
non polluting

make it indicated in various fields of use, for example: packagings for electronic components, thermal containers for food or medicines, pallets and containers for internal handling, trays for technical articles, trays for robotized production lines.
The surfaces, normally free of sgretolamenti and flaking, are soft and smooth surface to which it is possible to avoid preimballare products with traditional film protective plastic and in certain cases without outer packaging paperboard protection.